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Blasteroid Bros

Retro-future comics

Legendary comic artist Gianluca Pagliarani is Johnny Blasteroid, writer Giovanni Barbieri is James and color artist Alan D'Amico is Junior: together, we are the Blasteroid Bros and we are committed to deliver the best retro-future comics in the galaxy!


A world of vintage Sci-Fi

Set in the retro-future dimension, our stories are action-packed and rich in memorable characters. Our first graphic novel, The Shadow Planet (80 pages, full color), hit the Italian market in 2017. Its prequel, John Vargo Space Cadet, is an on-going series on Italian magazine Linus.

Now both stories are available for foreign editions!

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Bros will be Bros

How the Blasteroidverse was born

In 2014, artist Gianluca Pagliarani and writer Giovanni Barbieri, long time friends, met to discuss a new project together.

They wanted to make the graphic novel adaptation of a never-made movie and stuff it with rockets, clumsy spacesuits, monsters and hot babes.

They invited color artist Alan D'Amico to join the party and together they became the Blasteroid Bros! Their first creation was the 80 pages graphic novel The Shadow Planet!

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The Shadow Planet

In strange and remote regions of space, death may be not the worst end.

In 2016, we created the 80-pages graphic novel The Shadow Planet. It was made via Radium, an independent comic label founded by Matteo Casali with Alessandro Apreda and funded by readers through crowdfunding.

We raised 31k euros on Indiegogo and published digitally the four chapters of the story, 20 color pages each.

In 2017, they were collected in one single book by Italian publisher saldapress.

Please contact us for foreign rights availability!


"Star Trek with sex, cigs and bad language."

James Blasteroid, writer


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