Board game Launch

The Shadow Planet Board Game from Galakta Games will hit Kickstarter on April 14th 2021.

The long journey of The Shadow Planet

Our first graphic novel, The Shadow Planet, came out in 2017 and it immediately caught the attention of Sir Chester Cobblepot (SCC), a...

The Bros on Artstation

We are happy to have become members of the Artstation community, an awesome source of inspiration for professionals worldwide.

Music from outer space

These are the days when the Earth stands still and we've got a present for all our fans.

Fantastic artwork

The Shadow Planet is a tale of wonder and horror, thanks to the incredible talents of Gianluca Pagliarani and Alan D'Amico.

Blasteroid Bros Channel

Discover a world of retrofuturistic videos on our YouTube Channel!

Bros have friends!

When you create the Blasteroidverse, you need to expect some side effects!

Prints & gadgets

Art prints and gadgets inspired by the Blasteroid Bros.

TSP The Board Game

The Shadow Planet gets a board game version thanks to Sir Chester Cobblepot and Galakta Games. Play it at your own risk!

A movie on paper

Get a glimpse of the cinematic world of The Shadow Planet!