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Fantastic artwork

The pages of The Shadow Planet, the first graphic novel by the Blasteroid Bros, are incredibly rich of details: the machinery seems to work, everything looks real. This is due to artist Gianluca Pagliarani's use of 3D modeling software, that gives substance to any item of the blasteroidverse.

The Melita leaves mothership Vidar

Spaceships, guns, devices, tools, even landscapes are attentively built from scratch. The precise and ultra-detailed black & white pages are then colored by Alan D'Amico.

Gliese 667: the "shadow" planet

The color palette was largely inspired by SF classic movies such as Planet of the Vampires and Forbidden Planet, mixing eerie atmospheres with flashy colors and strong contrasts.

Vargo takes the Moonette for a ride

Follow that robot

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Secrets unveiled

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