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John Vargo Space Cadet

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The Shadow Planet was a success in Italy in 2017 and many fans asked for more. We decided to give it a prequel by the end of 2018. We focused on John Vargo's past: how did he end up in The Shadow Planet? Why did he enlist in the Star Command?

Inspired by the classic Tom Corbett Space Cadet, we chose to narrate the adventures of young John Vargo. We chose the format of classic Sunday Pages, to pay homage to Steve Canyon, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and many other heroes.

The first chapter of JVSC on Linus magazine, November 2019.
John Vargo on Linus

The story was published on our Facebook page (Italian only) for free. By Fall 2019, the first chapter of 12 pages was published on Linus, the most prestigious comics magazine in Italy, thanks to author and Art Director Igort (Igor Tuveri).

More chapters are in development, for a total of 48 Sunday Pages.

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