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Music from outer space

We conceived our graphic novel The Shadow Planet like a vintage horror/SF movie. Music plays a capital role in building up suspense and thrills: we cannot think of John Carpenter's The Thing without the eerie music of Ennio Morricone, nor The Exorcist without Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells.

When we started working on the pages, we asked for a proper soundtrack to help us enter in the mood. James knew a composer, Maestro Elio Donatelli, who shared his passion for vintage sci-fi. Under the name of Jordie Blasteroid, Elio composed and performed a wonderful dark-synth score, exploring different themes and atmospheres.

The OST was collected in one limited edition vinyl record which went immediately sold out in the crowdfunding campaign for the graphic novel. Now we are happy to share this music for free, to soften the lockdown for Coronavirus pandemic. Click on one picture to go to the YouTube playlist and prepared to be sucked into a nightmare in space!

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