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Original Soundtrack

When we imagined The Shadow Planet, we had a very clear idea of how it should sound like: ominous, dark, scary as hell. Being our work the graphic adaptation of a movie never made, we thought we needed a full Motion Picture Soundtrack in a dark synth cue. We asked Maestro Elio Donatelli to compose and perform the score using old electronic sounds: the result was so good we decided to make a vinyl record for just five people, available only through crowdfunding. Each funder is portrayed on his record cover by artist Gianluca Pagliarani.

Johnny (Gianluca Pagliarani) at work.
Drawing The Shadow Planet

On the OST vinyl record, artist Gianluca Pagliarani portrayed the funder, in this case Giorgio Galbusera.
Record cover

Later on, in 2018, we became friends with Paolo Prevosto, one of the best experts of science fiction in Italy. Paolo is also a composer under the name of Simulakrum Lab. We were happy to collaborate with him on the clips for hit singles Ad Astra, Here It Comes (featuring Dana Jean Phoenix) and Wireframe (featuring Cody Carpenter).

Paolo Prevosto, AKA Simulakrum Lab

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