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A tale of horror and vintage sci-fi

The Shadow Planet was developed by fellow creators Giovanni Barbieri (AKA James Blasteroid) and Gianluca Pagliarani (AKA Johnny Blasteroid). We had in mind many classic SF flicks from the past, with the word "planet" in the title: Forbidden Planet, Angry Red Planet, Voyage to the 7th planet and many more. Instead of making a spoof, we wanted to create a truly scary story, with a touch of HPL's "cosmic horror". The idea was to make "a movie on paper", directed by John Carpenter, written by Dan O'Bannon and photographed by Mario Bava!

Eerie atmospheres, alien landscapes, colossal ruins of lost cities... but also shiny rockets, ray-guns, space suits and cigarettes. If you look back at those 50s SF B-Movies, you will find all of this and more. We wanted to give to that narrative universe modern, edgy touch.

In the process, we found out with needed help with colors. So we invited our friend Alan D'Amico to join us and he immediately caught the spirit of The Shadow Planet, using a color palette inspired by Mario Bava's masterpiece Planet of the Vampires.

We published a collection of Lobby Cards on our Facebook page and the buzz started! Radium, an independent Italian publisher, founded by Matteo Casali and Alessandro Apreda, asked us to make The Shadow Planet their next project to be crowdfunded on Indiegogo and we gladly accepted!

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