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As comics creators, we love to build entire fictional worlds from scratch. We design spaceships, props, suits and all it takes to make our stories believable and consistent. We'd really love to break the barriers between comics and other narrative universes, such as videogames, board games, movies, TV series and so on.

As soon as we spotted Artstation, we wanted to join this great community of fellow artists, modelers, designers, storytellers. To celebrate the event, we shared some unseen pictures and preliminary works of our post-apocalyptic project ELECTRIC SAMURAI.

Set in alternative 70s, ELECTRIC SAMURAI is the story of Number Four, a robot who believes to be a Japanese samurai, and Zoe, a 13yo scoundrel. Together, they will fight King Vulture, boss of the Scavengers. Action, adventure and badasses: pure Blasteroid style!

Check out our Artstation page, look for ELECTRIC SAMURAI pics and like them!

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