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TSP The Board Game

We were delighted to learn that our book The Shadow Planet had caught the interest of Sir Chester Cobblepot, a developer of board games. We collaborated with them to create a prototype in 2017 and after extensive playtests, in 2019 the game was picked up by Polish Galakta Games.

TSP The Board Game

The Shadow Planet: The Board Game is a sci-fi game of alien horror designed by Giacomo and Gianluca Santopietro of Sir Chester Cobblepot, the authors responsible for Letters from Whitechapel.

It perfectly blends the idea of hidden identities with a completely revolutionary approach to the deck-building genre, thus offering you a unique gaming experience and a chance to use a completely different strategy every time you play.

Board Game Packshot

In Spring 2020, the Board Game will be available through crowdfunding worldwide in English and Polish.

Essen Fair playtest

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